Direct contact through video calling with the ‘BeterDichtbij’ application

Video calling with your physician at Hospital Rivierenland

Do you have an appointment with a doctor or other healthcare provider in the hospital in the near future? A personal visit to the hospital is not always necessary. Videocalling is a good, simple and safe alternative. At Hospital Rivierenland, we use the app ‘BeterDichtbij’. Your healthcare provider can invite you for this.

Wat do you need?

  • Your mobile phone or tablet, BeterDichtbij app installed
  • Your phone or tablet is switched on with sound on, not on airplane mode and not on ‘do not disturb’
  • A stable internet connection (Wifi)
  • A place where you can call undisturbed

Video calling step by step

  • Your outpatient clinic assistant will call you for an appointment. She will ask you some questions, to check whether video calling is an option for you.
  • You will receive an appointment letter by post.
  • Download the app ‘BeterDichtbij’ on your mobile phone or tablet at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • On the appointed time, your health care professional will call you. You pick up the call and after a few seconds you will see your health care professional at your phone or tablet.
  • Now you can just have the consult.
  • After the consult has finished, the BeterDichtbij app may present you a link with a few short feedback questions about your experience with the video call.


Free download and safe registration

Download the free app ‘BeterDichtbij’ in Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register yourself once for BeterDichtbij. All patients of Hospital Rivierenland can make free use of BetterDichtbij for videocalling and chat functionality for (short) questions.

Need any help? You can call Helpdesk Digital Care.

Do you need help with downloading the app? Or do you have other (technical) questions about the usage of BeterDichtbij? Our employees of Helpdesk Digital Care are happy to help you. You can call 085-1304 575 (from Monday until Friday from 9.00a.m. until 17.00p.m.)

Here you can watch a short instruction video about how to download the application and how to register:

Asking questions safely

A lot of patients have questions before or after the consult; about their health, the next appointment or about a test result. Do you recognise this? There are multiple ways to ask your question:

  • During the next appointment. Write your question(s) down, so you won’t forget to ask.
  • Through patient portal MijnZR, at
    Under paragraph ‘Digital consult’ you can ask your question to your physician or health care provider. This is mainly useful when your question is somewhat long or complicated.
  • Through the BeterDichtbij app on your phone or tablet for short, simple, questions. The chat functionality works similar as Whatsapp, the main difference is that important health care data is only accessible for your own physician. Your doctor will answer your health-related questions.

Mind this: BeterDichtbij is not suitable for emergencies. If every second counts, call 112!


Why do patients choose for BeterDichtbij?

  • Direct contact with your physician or Hospital Rivierenland
  • BeterDichtbij is very easy to use on your phone
  • You can always and anywhere re-read replies of your doctor or the hospitals
  • Your privacy is guaranteed and your data is safe.

Would you also like to make video calls with your healthcare provider?

Your doctor or other healthcare provider can tell you whether you can already make video calls with him or her via BeterDichtbij. Ask for it!

For more information, go to